The Triumph of Crowds


Brigid McLeer


reading December 2016
production 2017
publication by Litmus Press 2017


In our third round of the Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers, we have chosen a work that is again very different to its predecessors. Triumph of Crowds is a layered work, weaving art history, film, and the contemporary politics and poetics of community. It opens up the space of performance into a time that is both meditative and urgent. 


Brigid writes: The Triumph of Crowds is a lecture as performance, or performance as lecture, distributed between the voices and gestures of ten performers. Written in response to Nicholas Poussin’s painting ‘The Triumph of David’ (1631) it explores the politics of public assembly, protest, and becoming ‘us’.


Brigid McLeer is Irish living in the UK. She has been working and exhibiting mainly in visual art and installation, as well as performance and writing.